Many small businesses don’t get off the ground simply because the entrepreneur doesn’t come up with enough viable start up ideas for their business.
So to assist anyone looking for an idea for their business, these ideas can be used as complete businesses or just as inspiration to start up your business.

Write & Publish Your Own eBook –
Information is a valuable commodity that is in high demand and, thanks to the internet, can easily be packaged, published & sold electronically via eBooks. EBooks are easily one of the best business opportunities that exist on the internet and starting a business by writing & selling your own eBook is an easy, cost effective, viable & lucrative way of making money online with your own business.

Sell Web Hosting –
Becoming a webhosting reseller is an easy and lucrative way of starting your own legitimate & viable online business. In fact you can generate a more than decent income by becoming a webhosting reseller & sell web hosting packages under your own branding. It’s a very simple process & once your reseller account is set up you will have full control regarding how much to charge for what packages as well as control over suspending accounts and so on. This type of business can be run from home as a full time business or just in your spare time. The great thing with being a hosting reseller is that support is generally taken care of by the hosting company (unbranded so that it appears to be your own operation) which means that you do not have to be available 24/7 for webhosting issues. Starting this type of home business can be grown into a viable enterprise with enormous income generating potential.
In conclusion these start up business ideas are legitimate and viable ways to set up a sound business that can be run from home with very little overhead expenditure.