The bathroom is a private area that should always be kept clean and comfortable. Due to its function cannot be separated by water, it is not uncommon to make bathrooms so vulnerable to damage and dirty.

Choosing the right material is not enough to guarantee a durable bathroom and keep it clean. Good layout planning, selection of modern bathroom tiles, and the right design are needed for the bathroom to be always durable and clean.

Here are 6 bathroom design ideas that are easy to clean so the bathroom will be durable and clean.

The Right Material Choice

Material choice is certainly an element that should not be missed when designing a bathroom. There’s no harm picking the bathroom design with the natural nuances with the wooden display. But don’t forget to consider putting wood elements and wood choices. You can choose the type of composite wood that is made waterproof so it is not easily weathered compared to natural wood.

If you want more practical, the bathroom design with ceramic material is the right choice. Besides being easy to clean, ceramics now also has a wide selection of shapes, colors, and motifs.

Open Space Design

If your bathroom is divided into functions such as toilet, shower, and powder room, then take the limit as minimal as possible. You can utilize an open space system or an open design without partitions. The bathroom is more easily cleaned and feels wider at the same time.

If you still need privacy in the shower area, you can use the shower curtain. The use of shower curtains will make it more practical to remove and clean.

Good ventilation

Ventilation or air circulation pathways in the bathroom is also important to keep the bathroom clean. Moist air trapped in the bathroom is at risk of making the bathroom material moldy and damaged. The inclusion of sunlight to the bathroom also helps prevent the development of fungus that makes the bathroom dirty.

However, if it’s not possible to make a window, use a fan or air-conditioning to remove the dirty air from the bathroom.

The right Saniter option

Select a sanitary device with a simple design can be an option. One of them is a one-piece toilet that does not have many curves. Similarly the sink or tap. Choose the design to the minimum!

Multifunction Cabinet

The bathroom remains clean if the belongings are neatly arranged. Therefore, you need a storage closet. You can choose a multifunctional storage design for a more practical view of the bathroom. For example, the storage integrated with the sink, besides practical also more multifunctional.

Well, hopefully, this 5 design information can be your inspiration to be creative in creating a dream bathroom that is durable and clean.