Many moms dream at having a work from home business but never do anything to make it a reality. It is a risky thing to do, especially if you give up a well paid job to do it and are therefore taking a big risk. However, it does seem a shame that if you have always had a dream of doing this that you are not. It could be something that you always wish you had done, something you regret and having regrets is never a good thing. Having a good job is important too, but not following your dream means a lot as well.
I think the most important for moms to do is research. As long as you have looked at your potential market and calculated whether there is demand for good or service that you will be providing and that you know how to price it to maximise sales and profit, then you should be fine. It may seem like hard work to do this research but it could be the difference between success and failure and more importantly the difference between whether you decide to go ahead with the business or not.
At least if you have done this research and find that it is not a profitable idea, you will not have any regrets. You will know that while you were keen to do it, you would have lost money and wasted time had you tried. If you think that it does seem like a good idea then you will be able to start going ahead with it, with confidence.
The advantage for any mom is time freedom, and a chance to raise your children, and not someone else. Also, being able to participate in school functions is another plus.
You will have to be prepared to work hard of course but that will be the case with any job anyway. A work from home business idea could become a reality if you are daring enough to do some research and make some tough decisions.