Your CV is the document that allows you to land a job interview. But to do this, it has to be out of the ordinary. You must capture the recruiter’s attention directly through a unique layout so that they want to read everything. Here are our tips for writing a good CV.

Use a CV Creator

As we have just indicated, the appearance of the curriculum vitae is of utmost importance. With the hundreds of job applications that the recruiter has to deal with, only the ones that stand out have the chance to be read. Content is essential, but if you want the employer to notice it, you need to grab their attention first with an original look. To do this we advise you to use a good CV creator. You will find one that fits your profile on the internet. Choose an elegant and modern CV template. Then fill it in with your information. You will thus have an aesthetic resume that will not go unnoticed.

Name your CV Correctly et and Choose the Right Format

Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes who must save all the CVs received in the same file. Make it easier for them by simply naming your file by your first name and last name and possibly the job title. There are countless numbers of files they have to rename. It also applies to the format. Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that only accept PDF format. If you send your CV online and that the document’s extension is not .pdf, you are likely to miss the opportunity. But this choice benefits the job searchers at first because it ensures the confidentiality of your data. Today, sending a resume in PDF format means seriousness. Protecting your curriculum vitae in pdf format seems to be common sense, a pledge of seriousness and care given to a document which, after all, is important.

How about the Photo?

Do not illustrate your CV with photos out of frame, of poor quality or whatever. Either way, the lack of a photo will not penalize you. It is better not to put any if the quality and the professional aspect are not there. If you really want to add a photo to your CV, it must meet the following conditions:

  • A neutral background;
  • Very good quality;
  • A perfect framing
  • Appropriate attire;
  • A good posture: open, smiling and engaging.