Unfortunately, the last couple of years have been hard on business owners. With the pandemic, hyperinflation and a looming recession, things have been difficult to manage. One of the major things that have affected business owners alongside these things is the growing and evolving nature of business cyber scams. They have only become more sophisticated in recent years, and they are increasingly difficult to trace and stop. However, knowing about these cyber scams and the necessary steps to protect your company can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are all the business cyber scams you need to be aware of.


Phishing attacks are very common against businesses today. Phishing is where scammers will send out legitimate looking emails, often masquerading as another business such as a bank. These emails will entice the receiver to click a bad link, often by claiming they need information urgently. The link will then install malware onto the device, and can steal valuable information or money. Protecting your company against phishing attacks is one of the most important parts of business cyber security. Having an IT network which can filter out phishing attacks is one of the best ways to protect your company – educating your staff on how to spot phishing emails has also been very effective.


Hacking is what most people think of when they think about cybercrime. Hacking involves cyber criminals finding weaknesses in your software, and finding access to your private information via this weakness. There are many goals for hackers – they could take down your website, steal information and money, block your access to your records. Sometimes, hackers gain access through mistakenly downloaded malware. Keeping your security systems up-to-date should prevent hackers getting into your system.


Ransomware is a relatively new type of cyber scam. Through malware, they can gain access to your IT network and then lock your system. They can prevent access to your files and software, and they can also encrypt your private data. They will then demand money in exchange for you getting your system back. However, ransomware criminals are very difficult to track down, and there aren’t many convictions for ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure your company is adequately protected – updating your cyber security and keeping your data back up updated will ensure that you can recover quickly in the event of a ransomware attack.

DOS Attacks

A denial-of-service attack is a form of cyber attack in which a server or website is targeted with an overwhelming amount of traffic, so much that the website crashes. The traffic is often created by bots. This can prevent employees from collecting vital website data, and stopping customers from accessing your business website. This could cost you a lot of money. To protect your website from these attacks, make sure your cyber security is up to date. To make sure that your cyber security system is actually protecting your company to the best of its ability, have a vulnerability assessment conducted on your devices. This will ensure that you know where the weaknesses in your IT system are, and you can strengthen your cyber security plan accordingly.