Kohl had a business idea which he now does full-time. He taught his cousin how to do it. His cousin cleared $130 his first day doing the business idea. Two weeks later, in a three-day stretch, he cleared $1,500. This is important if you are interested in making money!
What is the problem?
Any great business idea is a solution for a problem. It is unusual to find a business idea which works really well for anyone making the effort to reveal the secrets with a sincere and genuine effort. Here is why this works: Just a few years ago, Apple introduced the iPhone. That first phone (the 2G) is still a viable phone, and people who have one will let you have it when you pry it from their cold dead fingers – THAT is product loyalty (and durability). So what is the problem? The glass breaks, and about seven other things commonly can go wrong with any iPhone.
What is the business?
Apple gets huge prices to repair an iPhone. They do not warranty broken glass, even if you have the special extended “juicy apple” coverage. They just ask for $200 or more to fix it. This creates an underground (but honest and real) opportunity!
What can you make?
Apple’s shameful charges allow an independent repair person to charge $60 to $99 on the street for a $200 Apple repair. The typical net profit per repair is $40. You don’t need to know electronics to do this! The typical repair takes 10 to 15 minutes. It is possible to do 15 repairs a day.
What about the competition?
As more and more devices break because they use touch screens (and get dropped) this business idea expands like rocket exhaust! Don’t forget the iPod, the iPad, and now the Droid!
How do you get going?
Find a proven mentor to help you learn the repairs. Join a co-op-like group to get super low prices on parts. Work hard to learn how to do this business. Be a good detective, and reveal the trade secrets.
What do you do next?