We live in a depressed economy and many people are losing jobs and trying to replace those jobs with small businesses. However there is one business idea that no one considers. That is the business of creating and selling concrete blocks. This product has been used for lots of different types of construction for a long time now and it has continued to grow in popularity and also in sales. Most people going into business and looking for a business idea will only think in terms of a service or selling products online even writing and selling books. Concrete blocks as a business is an idea that most people are just not aware of.
It probably would never occur to most people, especially if they are not in, or close to the construction trades. Starting a business to create and selling the blocks is a great business idea for many reasons.
When going into business for the first time, many people are faced with very large business start-up costs, and the need to develop and market the product. The advantage of a business selling concrete blocks is that the market for the product already exists and there is a very high and constant demand for it. There are so many areas needing this product. Examples are new schools, new retails stores, new office buildings – every new structure will require this product.
If road, housing, and highway construction continues, and they will, then there will always be a need for this product to be delivered to work sites daily. This business could even be started on a part time basis, even while you are working a full time job. There is so little startup capital required, you can start the business from your home garage and, using a handmade mold you can easily make 100 blocks a day. Using plywood and sheet metal you can construct a mold in your workshop.
As you work from your garage your overhead is very low, you will not have to pay employee wages, health benefits or rent. You will have a competitive advantage over the large manufacturers who will have to ship the heavy blocks to the local community and pass such shipping costs to the buyers. You are able to provide the product locally for a good profit.
Once the demand for concrete blocks surpasses the 100 a day one person will be able to output, you will need to invest in a block making machine to increase production. Plans for these machines can be purchased on the Internet and the machine is quite easily built – it is not difficult. Some welding is needed but that can be done for you at your local welding shop quite inexpensively. At this stage, an assistant would be needed, full-time work will be required to cope with increased demand and a larger space would be necessary.
Your concrete blocks manufacturing business would give you an instant market of local buyers, low startup costs; low overhead costs, and can be built into a successful full time business.