Standing out with your massage therapy ad in Phoenix, it requires creating appealing Ads to customers. Massage business nowadays is a competitive profession, more so due to arising demands. So, when you are creating advertisement whether on Google, Facebook, or dedicated massage services blogs that cater to massage business. Your ads have to be unique from the rest for you to see customers responding.

Create well-designed ads that call customers from a distance and prompt them to click and take action. Poorly designed ads with dull colors will never attract any potential customer to you regardless of how much work you put into it. Below are a couple of tweaks that can help your body rub ads to convert.

Choose Good Templates

Creating your ad with professional templates prompts every eye looking for body rub services to get distracted. The idea behind an effective ad on a good template is to distract customers and make them pay attention. Some may not take your offer immediately, but the image becomes inscribe on their mind such that when the need to have massage comes, they will remember your advert.

If you are not good at creating Ads, you can choose thousands of templates already designed on Design Wizard. The templates help you to use them and change a few things or customize everything from pictures, words and colors until they resemble your business idea.

Choose The Right Image

Using the right image on Ads can open a door to even customers outside Phoenix. Choose a good image as it is a component that communicates clearly what is being promoted. Use a picture that identifies your massage service, meaning the customer can liken themselves with what they see. A good picture that evokes emotions, like showing steamy massage in action or a happy face can do wonders as the image calls the customer to take action immediately.

When you put a good picture, ensure that customers who see it can visualize the services they will get. So, utilize that little ad space given to place an inviting picture and avoid provocative ones as they may communicate wrong the message.


At the text stage, you should not be scared when you run out of words. It happens but remembers, as long you have a good definition of your ideal customers; use the same focus to put the text that appeals to your target massage clients. Personalize your text on the ad so it can directly communicate to customers. Use “you” and “your” in the text to make it easy for the message to reach home. Also, the tone of your words matters, so depending on the target audience, identify the words they love to see or hear then place them sparingly in the text.

For search purposes, in the text, include keywords that your customers search most. That way, it makes it easy to locate your business or ads through organic traffic. You can play with words mentioning Phoenix (your business location) to make the search specific.

Have a Unique Color Choice

Color is everything in the massage business advertisement. You may do all the things the right way, but if your color does not reflect the services you offer, it’s all in vain. A good color choice can greatly impact your customers feeling towards your services and you as a person. Colors are attached to emotions and they appeal differently to gender (feminine & masculine). For instance, pink color will see a majority of feminine massage customers responding than masculine. A color that strikes the feeling of relaxation would appeal most than shouting ones.


In massage and body rub business; your understanding of the target customers can help you create effective ads without a struggle. When you are able to balance your customer tone of language, color, ad template and image that resonates with them, you just wait for customers to come your way.