A company receives many applications for a published job offer. To stand out and catch the eye of the recruiter, it is recommended to customize your resume. A personalized CV must include an explicit title, keywords adapted to the position sought and well-informed professional experience. Discover all our tips in this article to optimize your chances of getting the job interview for your dream job.

Use Relevant Keywords to the Job Offer in your Resume

When a recruiter elaborates a job advertisement, they use effective keywords to define the position they want to recruit for. It can be the job title, the city, the region, a technical term, or even a diploma. Decrypt the job offer and identify the most important keywords in the job advertisement and highlight them throughout your Curriculum Vitae. They can be found in: the job title, the required training, experience and technical skills.

Work on your CV Hook to Personalize It

With a few well-chosen words, the catchphrase of the resume can make the difference and make the recruiter want to know you more! What does it consist of? These are a few sentences placed just below the title, briefly explaining your skills, your motivations, etc. Do not write a whole block either, 5 or 6 lines are more than enough. You can highlight one aspect of your application: your experience, your technical skills or your diplomas, but also soft skills that companies are fighting for such as creativity, management or decision-making, self-governance, etc. Do not forget to opt for the perfect design to catch the recruiter’s attention. You can choose a CV template on a dedicated website. Otherwise, this famous hook will go completely unnoticed.

Custom CV: Stand Out with a Professional Photo

The photo on the resume has always been the subject of debate. Some people say that it should not be a reason to reject an application. It is however very appreciated by recruiters. But what is its usefulness? The photo allows the recruiter to view the profile and therefore memorize your application. Therefore, it can be a plus for you and an additional chance to be selected for the job of your dreams. You should privilege a head and shoulders photo, with the gaze fixed on a point on the right or on the left of the lens. Take care of your outfit, forget about photos in swimsuits or on the beach. The picture must remain professional above all.