As an entrepreneur, business ideas sometimes appear so just in your head. But to realize you might hit some obstacles. One of the problems often faced by entrepreneurs is the problem of capital. But you do not need to worry because there are several ways to obtain capital, one of which is to seek investors. To search for your investors need to prepare a business proposal. Maybe you are a little confused how to make good business proposal. This article will discuss how you can make a simple business plan with ease. With good and professional business proposal and a professional, you will easily get investors if your business idea in writing with the structure that is easily understood and convincing. The following are the steps to make professional business proposals.
Within a framework of business proposals, there are key parts that should be included in it. These parts are parts that need to be known by potential partners with whom we will work together. Making a good proposal will be able to give as complete a vision. With complete information, prospective partners will certainly be easier to calculate plus minus your business will offer. The first part you should create is an introduction that describes the background of the business idea will you offers to investors. Write down your business idea with the compact and dense so it is easy to understand. Give practical information and is the situation on the ground or the location where you want to target your business. Make the words clear, interesting because in this section that will make your business idea has a picture.
After you make the introduction and background, then you must make description of your business idea that will offer, in this section, you begin to write in detail what business like what you are offering. Write in detail about how the process, including production and distribution and how the right promotional techniques for business. The next section is the financial calculations, in this section you can write the offer forms of cooperation which would you offer to your investors. Write with complete and detail regarding the calculation of capital required in running the business. Count also on the risk and return on Investment (ROI) so that prospective investors you can think of whether he is able to work with you in accordance with the calculation of capital and the risk that you calculate in this section, more obvious your calculations, the greater the likelihood you to get investors.
After you write the part of financial calculations and all the details of the business model, next you write a cover for your business proposal. Make it with a polite and kind words so that prospective investors could be attracted to the business model that you are offering. Good composition and well-planned proposal will increase the percentage you get the investors in accordance with business models that you offer.