Every man must have several pairs of dress shoes for the office or other important events. Whether it’s for a business event or your select date, nothing can make you look more successful or sexier than quality dress shoes.

What you wear on your feet can improve or ruin your appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you wear the best or most expensive suit in the world if your shoes are of poor quality, your expensive suit means nothing.

Quality dress shoes may look expensive. Even so, it is cheaper and more efficient if we consider the long duration of usage for many years and also the confidence we get when wearing it.

How to know the quality of shoes?

there are a few things you need to know about this:

• Quality shoes must be made of genuine leather. Likewise, the sole of the shoe must also be made of leather, and the stitching of the shoe must be neat and almost invisible. If you want to order Dress Shoes Bangkok, Patrick & Co Tailor is the right choice; they are experienced in making dress shoes that match your expectations.

• The inside of the shoe is also made of high-quality leather, for example, calfskin or calf leather, not rubber or other layers.

The choice of shoe color must be adjusted to the clothes/suit worn and also the event to be attended. The black color is suitable for events such as business presentations, meetings with clients, or other official events. Brown shoes can be paired with a navy blue suit or charcoal/gray.

The elliptical or pointed shoes look more classy than the square ones. But many square toe shoes also look elegant.

To look cooler, don’t wear any socks. Try to choose socks that match the color of your pants. Good shoes will make your appearance more sharp and clean.