In this era for surging real estate process, shared office spaces are becoming a viable option for both small and big scale companies. This system is quite economical by nature and saves a lot of overhead costs of a company. Besides, it also comes with a host of other benefits like opportunities of networking, availability of extra amenities etc. There are many startups in Mumbai, in fact, across all the metro cities, which are a part of coworking network and benefiting from it. Here are a few benefits of having a shared office in Mumbai.


If a company can share an office space then it helps it to avoid deposit and upfront fees. There are other advantages like there is no need for year long lease requirements. With less money invested on a separate office space, this extra money can be utilized for other essential amenities and resources.

Strong chances for Networking:

While working in a shared office space, you come across a lot of people. From these people, you can find a potential investor as well. It also gives greater access to partnerships. If several number of startups work in a shared space it will definitely attract investors and VCs for new opportunities.

Extra Amenities and Services:

When a company buys or rents a private space, there are high chances that the company has to decorate or renovate the office at its own expense. A shared office space offers meeting rooms, printing and scanners, food and parking facilities and Wi-Fi privileges. This sharing of office space can be cost-effective.

Harmonious environment and Shared ideas

When you share the office space with various freelancers and start-up companies you can easily share your ideas and can come up with something that has the potential to become big. Also, these people can give their honest feedback about the work. Shared office spaces hosts events that foster mingling, networking and also for business interactions among potential clients.

Workloft: Provides the Best Shared Office in Mumbai

Work loft is one such company that ticks all the necessary requirements for a successful shared office space. With more than hundreds of happy clients for this company, Workloft is coming up with great potential. They offer the concept of shared office spaces in Mumbai to get a whole new dimension. This company believes in growth and development which can be achieved in a shared space. They offer services like Gaming Zone, Pantry, CCTV surveillance and meeting rooms.

It is a great idea to start with a shared office space in your initial phases. Besides savings in terms of expenses, it provided other catalysts to give your business a head start. Working from a shared office space is highly beneficial and can open up several opportunities for any business ventures or startup. Renting a full-fledged office definitely has its own benefits but it exposes you to the risk of greater losses in case things don’t work out as planned. Make a wise decision if you are thinking of renting a co-working space for the office. If you want to know more about shared office spaces in Mumbai visit the following link