Starting a home based business can be a difficult and confusing process…
But, things get a lot easier when you have a roadmap or plan to follow.
As you know: “Those who fail to plan – Plan to fail…”
Home Business Ideas are abundant on the internet, but how many of them will really work for the average home business owner?
Here is the three-phase approach that I have employed for my home based business. You should find it to be simple, logical, and easy to follow:
Phase 1: Affiliate Marketing…
I always recommend new online marketers to start out with Affiliate Marketing for several main reasons:
1. Quick to get started and see results
2. Very inexpensive to set up
3. Many ways to automate and to scale up
4. Great way to learn the various skills required for online marketing
Phase 2: Internet Marketing…
Once you have mastered the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing, it is time to move into the Internet Marketing phase where you begin developing and marketing your own products or services. Phase 2 would include:
1. Producing and packaging your own products or services
2. Employing multiple methods of marketing these products or services
3. Engaging the services of others (affiliates and/or outsourcing)
Phase 3: Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching…
Once you have established your credibility and value to your marketplace, you are ready to move into phase 3 of your business…
1. Offering courses and resources to help others through the process of building their own businesses
2. Marketing your services as a consultant, coach, or mentor in you area of expertise
3. Merge all three phases by continuing to offer the best of your own and others products or services to you client base
This is merely a broad outline of my particular home business idea. It is not the only one, but it is the one that I have used to guide me through some of the challenges associated with starting an internet home business.