At a time when online shopping is more popular than ever, you may think that getting more clients to you physical store can be very difficult. Fortunately, it is not the case. Many shoppers still prefer buying products directly in a real store even if they have to fall in with the opening hours and make the trip. But to succeed your business and meet the competition, there are some rules you have to follow.

About the Showcase

The perfect store model always has a showcase which overlooks a busy street. It is a great opportunity so, it should be the first thing to exploit. Give passersby the desire to enter your store. Take a few minutes to ask yourself what might catch their attention and motivate them to come in. A strong message, an original decoration, promotions to discover, a good smell, an open door, music, image recognition technology, etc., there are several options that can make you get more customers over a day.

The packaging

Packaging can help retailers and other shop owners on many levels. For the products you put up for sale, they can trigger store sales by being original and neat. This solution allows you to put forward a product and share the right messages to convince your customers to buy. In addition, a unique and attractive packaging can be used as a viral publication on your social networks. For the communication section, use bags in the image of your store for example. It can convey a message and your brand image outside your store.

Create a Website

Even if the aim is to promote your physical store, a website remains an indispensable tool. It allows to do passive communication. It will be the showcase of your store for people who cannot come directly to your store or do not know your company yet. As for your physical showcases or your offices, the site is a virtual boutique that must be treated to attract new people and make them want to really go into your store. If your budget is modest or if your business does not allow it, you do not have to have an e-commerce site. You can simply create a showcase site to introduce your retail company to more of your potential clients. The site should show them your products and the possibility to come and pick them up in the shop.

Be Present on Facebook

Facebook is the perfect social network for retailers and it becomes more powerful day by day. Today it represents a real opportunity for all companies doing sales in BtoC. It gives you the possibility to create a fan community around your brand and products. You can propose your followers news, promotions and various commercial events in order to bring them to the store.