Professional property marketers consider floor plans and photos as some of the most important tools that help them attract buyers. The generous offer of UK PropTech start-ups didn’t manage to alter this basic premise of successful real estate marketing. Here, experts at Fourlabs explain.

How Floor Plans Can Help Your Listing Get More Interested Buyers?

Most buyers take these floor plans and high-quality photos for granted. They expect to see such information on all property listings. According to research, over 80{8105bdfbc696b7a4a1c164cd41e5b51966417809f6f737109e488121369dae8f} of potential buyers out there consider floor plans as being essential in order for them to consider visiting a property or adding it to their shortlist.

Why are Photos and Floor Plans so Helpful in the Process of Selling a Property?

  • They help to showcase the full potential of a property. Remember the old adage that one image is worth a thousand words. It applies to real estate as well.
  • When you have high-quality photos and exhaustive floor plans, you maximise the interest in your property.
  • These materials add to the transparency of your listing and help you attract more qualified leads.
  • They help you build a solid brand presence.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that providing inaccurate details, bad photos or unclear floor plans may result in the failure of your listing to attract the right buyers. The more accurate your listing, the higher the impact it has on the interest shown by potential buyers.

It is fully understandable that sometimes you may not be able to showcase all these materials. If you don’t have any floor plans available, you won’t attach them to your listing. The same applies to good photos.

What Could Be Some Reasons for Not Including Photos and Floor Plans in Your Property Listings?

  • You may not have time to create these materials.
  • The property lister may not have the equipment or the skills to create them.
  • You may not benefit from proper lighting conditions to capture the high-quality shots potential buyers expect to see.
  • Poor property staging and improper weather conditions may result in low-quality photographs that don’t do any good to the listing.

Here are a few tips to help you unlock the full potential of your property and find your buyer sooner rather than later:

Estate Agent Photography Tips

A basic online search would allow you to find lots of examples of poor real estate photography, so you’ll know what to avoid.

If you want to curb the online appeal of a property, ensure you create high-quality visual content. Even though most agents have decent photography skills, bringing in a professional photographer would help your listings stand out from the crowd.

The Basic Principle is to Always be Prepared for Action

  • Stage the property with the greatest care possible. Ask the homeowner to tidy it up, remove all clutter and clean all surfaces before your arrival.
  • Prepare the site. Make the most out of your field time by understanding the layout before the actual visit.
  • Prepare your equipment.  Get a reliable DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens and make sure you bring a sturdy tripod as well.
  • Take multiple shots. Take exterior and interior shots from different angles, in order to have enough images to select from later on.  Ideally, you should get at least 8 to 10 interior shots and 2-3 exterior ones.

These are the property photography basics that should enable you to take good quality photos. Once you get this done, it’s time to focus on floor plans. If you need a safe place to store your expensive equipment, you may want to use the services of Blue Box storage.

Floor Plan Drawing Tips and Advice

Take time to focus on details that can make a difference. You’ll need a laser measuring tool and a good consistency in taking your measurements. Learn and use the correct symbols for all elements of the building. Check your final plans before publishing them.