I know out there are people who are feed up with employment and may be considering going into business. But they lack the necessary skill and experience to start a business. The good news is that investment options do exist for investors who are first time entrepreneurs.
The best place a first time investor can venture in would be in companies that have already been established. Some of these companies are listed in the stock exchange hence you can decide to buy stocks of some of the companies that are performing well. The stock market is good in that it helps you avoid the worry of employing workers, offering after sales services among other duties that go hand in hand in managing a business.
For starter, investing your capital in the stocks would be a sure way of getting return on investment and also raising capital. While your investment grows you can be getting more exposure on how to run a business. Once you have a good capital base and a sound business idea, you can then take calculated risks and start your small business and grow from there.
Nevertheless, running a business is not easy hence you will need to minimize your risks. My advice would be for you to get good business and financial advisors who would direct you on how to manage your business. Attending business lectures would also help you network with like minded people who have more experience.
All said and done plunging into the business world is a risky venture, hence a lot of care needs to be taken not loss your investment. Note that any successful business owner is careful to reduce his liabilities and increase his assets.