The process of finding a good job can be daunting.

If you don’t know how marketing recruitment in London works, you’ll want to read the following article to find out some hopefully useful tips to help you streamline this job search.

What are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are companies that match candidates to job openings and intermediate the relationship between employers and people seeking jobs.

Recruitment agency consultants advertise job vacancies, collect and analyse CVs, contact candidates and help them prepare for interviews by providing them with advice and tips to improve their chances to get their dream job. Essentially, recruitment agencies streamline the process of seeking jobs.

How do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Different recruitment agencies may use different processes in their work. To start with, companies contact them to inform them of their job vacancies. Next, the recruitment agency may do one of the following:

  • Search within their database to see if they can find suitable candidates to match these roles;
  • Advertise the job vacancy to source suitable applicants.

By the time they have several matching candidates, they send their information to the company. Upon approval, they will schedule interviews for the shortlisted applicants.

How Can I Use the Services of a Recruitment Agency?

Many agencies invite candidates to come straight to their headquarters to apply for work.

Nevertheless, it’s probably best to contact them and schedule an appointment, just to ensure you won’t waste your time on anything. Also, bear in mind that many recruitment agencies don’t have proper shop fronts, so you’ll only be able to meet them by pre-arranging a meeting.

The alternative is to add your CV to their database and to wait for them to match you with relevant roles, provided that they find some.

How Can I Use Recruitment Agencies to Apply for Jobs?

Your recruitment agency will appoint a consultant to send your CV and to schedule an interview.

How Can I Benefit from Using a Recruitment Agency?

There are several advantages to searching for jobs through a recruitment agency.

First of all, these agencies may already have excellent work relationships with employers, thus being able to grant you exclusive access to the job openings of these companies. You may be able to apply for jobs you wouldn’t be able to learn about, since they aren’t advertised to the general public.

Here are a few other benefits of working with a recruitment agency:

  • CV optimisation and cover letter advice;
  • Interview coaching with an HR expert;
  • Constructive feedback after your interviews;
  • Specialist advice in regard to your industry of choice;
  • Priority in applying for the best roles that show up.

What if a Recruitment Agency Advertises One of their Roles Online?

There are many roles recruitment agencies advertise in the online environment.

While applying for these roles is free, this doesn’t necessarily lead to an agreement between you and the recruitment agency. As a matter of fact, many of these ads don’t disclose the name of the employer, so you’d need to get to the interview stage to find out who has advertised this job opening.

How Much Do Recruitment Agency Services Cost?

Candidates should never pay for the services of recruitment agencies.

Consultants get their fees from employers, provided that they manage to fill in their job openings. They get paid as soon as you start working in your new position, so you shouldn’t pay anything whatsoever.

What if I Get a Job?

After you get the job, you’ll still have to deal with the recruitment agency. They will take care of all formalities and paperwork to ensure everything will go on smoothly. It’s in their best interest to find the perfect match, so you can rest assured they will do a great job at finding you the ideal position.