TikTok has soared in popularity in the last few years. The technologically advanced application offers benefits for both creators and businesses alike. With so many in-app features that are designed to help brands grow, businesses would be missing out if they are yet to use the app for brand awareness. So many businesses have gone from little to no engagement, to being trendsetters on the app with millions of followers. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can get started spreading the word about your brand on TikTok, and eventually scale the social media presence of your brand. If you are a new business and are yet to create a bold branding campaign before you dive into TikTok, enlist the help of a Design Agency in Nottingham. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Check out successful competitors

First things first, before you start rolling out your content on TikTok, check out what your competitors are doing. If you have direct competitors who have already made a name for themselves within our niche, take inspiration. Perhaps do not copy everything they do, but take into account what they have done to get the traction you are looking for. Look at the type of content they share, so they keep things strict and professional or present themselves as being laid back and relatable.

Take part in trends

One of the easiest ways to grow your audience organically is to take part in the many trends that occur within the app. Staying on top and up to date with trending challenges, sounds, and also hashtags will ensure that your content is shared with a quickly growing audience. The more people take part in the trend, the more likely your brand will also join the masses of people also gaining followers.

Post office day-to-days

Another essential part of posting in TikTok as a business is to share complete transparency. Post videos such as behind the scene clips from your office day-to-day are positive for people to see how your business is and what might be different between your business compared to others. Make it fun and also make the viewer feel like they are gaining exciting behind-the-scenes access! Show off your great team who have supported the building of the brand. Being human and personable is the best way to gain valuable support from consumers.

Consider using Tik Tok shop

TikTok has now revolutionized the way people shop. The new and innovative “TikTok” shop feature allowed businesses to have their own fully equipped and highly advanced storefront all within the safety of the app. If you are looking for ways to get your brand out there, you might consider using TikTok shop and combining this with influencer outreach.  Influencers will receive an affiliate commission for promoting the products, and from this, the business will benefit from the masses of brand awareness and sales!

Consistently post

Finally, it is important to understand the importance of Tik Tok algorithms. Constantly changing and evolving, brands need to keep up with the latest requirements that TikTok uses to measure the value of a brand and its visibility on the app. Posting consistently is just one of the ways you can stay on top of the competition, even if you are gaining no views or visibility in the beginning, keep working and share the brand’s overall message and why they can add value to consumers. Post at least once a day, using trending sounds and hashtags especially.

Finally, make sure that your brand has a strong presence before pushing everything into Tiktok. Capture your brand’s energy using a Design agency in Leeds to push you in the right direction!