Internet has made the world small. Someone who lives in America might not be far away from a person who lives in Malaysia or Australia. The globe has become a small village, with internet networking and conglomerating all distant places closely.
As we look back at times, we realize the world has really changed. But, it has changed for better for sure. The time that was taken to send across letters and couriers used to be as much as weeks. A birthday wish had to be sent 2 weeks in advance so that your wishes and blessings could reach the respective person approximately around the D date. And distant calls that happened between two countries used to extremely expensive, that distance was actually felt transpiring between nations and individuals. Today it’s like someone just washed away the distance, or all that distance was just a mirage.
Internet revolution changed the entire perspective of distance. Can you be placed in Durham and tutor someone in Delhi? Can you stay in Katmandu and attend a conference in Boston? Well it could have sounded weird and crazy a two decade ago, but not anymore. That’s how world is today. From pen and paper exam style, today exams are conducted online. Thus the use of internet has changed everything from education, communication teaching, business, etc. and many more.
Online jobs are preferred by many. Teaching is one of those professions that can be made a good online career option. If you are someone who has a passion for teaching can be a teacher online and make a decent living. Search the internet for ‘online tutor jobs’ and you will be surprised at the abundance of options you have.
Many housewives, retired teachers etc find their means to make a good income by being an online tutor. Online tutoring job is similar to practical or a real classroom teaching. Like a teacher who would teach in a classroom full of student, an online tutor takes classes on the internet. The students in this case may be scattered world wide. While one student may be in the north of the globe, the other could be in the east. You may have another classmate somewhere else in the world. You can take up teaching in any subject like Math, English, History, or music etc.
Those who wish to become a tutor online must have a formal degree from an affiliated college. Those with a work experience in the filed might have higher chances of being absorbed. You need to create a good resume and apply to the firm or institution running online teaching. A good CV and a working experience counts. Most tutors working online are paid on an hourly basis. Though you can bargain for higher pay scale if you have a good experience and are highly qualified in the subject. Working hours can vary depending up on the tutor or the student. Since these jobs are online, you are not bound to any single company. At a same time you can be working for two or more firms and multitask.
Internet has revolutionized every profession and made every job lucrative and simple to execute.