The roof of the house is a very important part of its exterior. Aside from being the top cover and protector of a building, the roof of a house must also have properties that are sturdy and resistant to all weather. Aside from being the outermost protector, the roof of the house is often considered a monotonous part of the house and cannot be made uniquely. Even with creativity, you can get a creative roof model that is different from usual. Just hire a house roofer roofing Oshkosh Wi if you are looking for a house roofer to install or repair your roof.

Well, in this article we will explain some of the inspirations of roofing models around the world the model of the roof of this house has certain characteristics that are unique and stunning. Want to know what are the models of roofs around the world? Let’s read until it’s finished!

Skillion House Roof Model

The Skillion roof model is no stranger to minimalist type houses. This Skillion roof model can be easily found in homes in Australia. Basically, this house roof model has a single sloping roof surface. The unique shape makes the Skillion roof model a model of choice for modern architecture. Especially the types of multi-level houses with the basic concept of a sloping roof.

Curved House Roof Model

Not many models of curved roofs in Indonesia are found. Generally, this curved roof model is only used as a complement to add a unique impression to a house and is placed on the terrace.

One residence that uses a curved roof model in Sedona, Arizona, United States. This house was designed by a group of AA studio architects. AA studio also designed the roof model of this house using wood to add an exclusive impression. The use of a curved style house roof model itself is considered a charming aesthetic form for a home.

The Gambrel House Roof Model

The model of the roof of this house is often found in Dutch heritage houses or houses in the Netherlands. The Gambrel house roof model is a distinctive feature of European-style house buildings.

The Gambrel style roof model has four symmetrical sides with two slopes on each side of the roof. On the upper slopes usually have shallow angles and lower slopes have steeper slopes.

Mansard House Roof Model

Commonly used for European home models, especially in France, this type of mansard roof model is a type of four-sided roof model where there are two slopes on each side of the roof.

The model of the roof of the house is indeed similar to the Gambrel model, which distinguishes only the model of the roof of the Mansard house has a lower slope which is steeper and the shape of the roof is more varied than the model roof of the house Gambrel.

Hip House Roof Model

We have found so many houses in Indonesia that use the model of the roof of the Hip house, maybe one of them is also your house. The Hip roof model is a model roof that modifies the pyramid house so that it can be applied to a larger house.

This model uses the concept of a trapezoidal roof. In addition, the Hip roof model is also practically applied. Hence, this type of hip roof model is a favorite in most parts of the world.