Are you planning to move in a couple of weeks? If yes, then be prepared to drain all your mental as well as physical energy. It is not the job of a day but involves days of planning and execution. It is really important to get everything organized to avoid any last minute mistakes, however no matter how much we plan there ought to happen certain mistakes that can cost us a lot at the final day of moving.

To avoid such mistakes, it is really important to know about them in the first place. For this, it is recommended to sit with any of your friends or family who had the experience of moving and dealing with NYC movers and know about their good and bad experiences.

Here also, we have listed some of the common yet major mistakes that can make your final day of movement a living hell:

Not taking help of professional and certified movers:

At times in order to save money, we opt for taking help from friends and family instead of hiring professional help. If you are moving just across the street then this step may prove to be helpful but if you are planning for a long distance move then not taking any professional help may prove to be a big mistake. Loading and unloading is a very daunting task, and these companies have the proper equipment and trained staff to look after all such things, any unprofessional help can not only damages your possessions but can also lead to massive injury. Also, when you plan to do it yourself, the risk increases as like professional companies you don’t have any insurance and any damage in between may have to be borne by you.

Hiring the company with the lowest bid:

Another common mistake that we commit is to hire the company with the lowest prices. We are not saying to go for the one with the highest bid but prefer going for the moderate one, as someone who is charging really low as compared to others in the market will surely compromise on the quality of packing material as well as staff.

Opting for peak days:

If you are planning to opt for a peak day or peak hour to move, then we recommend rethinking the same. Moving during such time may cost you double the amount if you can reschedule then the preferred time is weekdays where prices are low for the same kind of services.

Not segregating important things:

Load is one thing that plays an important role in assessing the cost of movement. Therefore, it is really important to spend some time while packing in segregating the unimportant things. It is recommended to leave such things behind not only excessive inventory can cost you high but can also create a mess and chaos in your new house.

Not preparing survival kit:

It is really important to prepare a survival kit to be used during journey including first aid kit, toiletries, and knick knacks for kids, batteries and other important things. Not preparing such kit can land you in big trouble while traveling.

Try avoiding these mistakes to save yourself from falling in the pitfall of stress and chaos.