A lot of people need information on specific topics all the time to do their jobs. Attorneys need to have cases researched in order to build their own client cases. People in the financial industry need to have research on various companies or types of investments. Physicians need research on medical projects they are working on. There are many professions that need research done in their specific areas. One great online business idea for people you like to do research is to be an Online Information Consultant.
Most people who are involved in online research businesses, specialize in one type of research. Maybe they work only with lawyers or only with the field of finance. If you specialize in a specific group, you can network more easily with people in that area. You can join discussion groups for your specialty and let it be known that you provide the service. You can advertise to the professional organizations that you serve.
The amount of information that is available today is overwhelming. Many people just simply don’t have the time or the ability to sift through mounds and mounds of information. If you can help people find the information they need and organize it in a way that is helpful to them, you have a business service that will sell. All you need to get started is a computer, printer and subscriptions to a couple of online research sites.
Marketing such a specific service should be fairly straight forward. You don’t have to rely solely on Internet marketing. You can get a list of people in your specialty that may need you services and send them letters through the postal service. Obviously, you would want to use some sort of online advertising also, but your audience is so specific so you have to look for other options open to you.