Also participating in the 2019 EICMA automotive exhibition, one of the legendary motorcycle manufacturers, Piaggio Group is known to have introduced a variety of models from the Vespa Series line-up. Some brand-new and special scooter models were present at the Piaggio booth. If you are interested in buying this variant of a scooter, you can buy it on wheels motorcycle. Wheels offer the latest Piaggio scooter at an affordable price. For more information about this Piaggio Medley scooter, you can visit,

One of the models exhibited is the latest Piaggio Medley. Besides, there is also Piaggio Beverly who also comes with an update that leads the high-wheeled scooter segment by displaying the latest product choices for 2020 with a reliable engine supply with a capacity of between 300 CC and 350 CC.

On the other hand, to attract the attention of visitors, Piaggio Group also introduced the newest Vespa Series which is a collaboration edition of Piaggio with Sean Wotherspoon. Where this time the Vespa of the Primavera type Sean Wotherspoon comes as a limited edition model with an Italian-American-style scooter concept.

Then, there are also Vespa Primavera 125 special edition models that come with a choice of unique and attractive colors, namely Rosso colors. Thus, making it look quite characterized by the classical style of the modern era.

Meanwhile, there are also other special Vespa versions which were also introduced at the 2019 EICMA exhibition. Namely Vespa Racing Sixties, which present a unique concept based on a charming and classic racing aesthetic. The inspiration came from the world of gentlemen racing riders in the 60s era, a world where freedom of expression also poured in the style of vehicle modification.

Of course, the presence of various Vespa Series models at the EICMA 2019 event made the Piaggio Group booth one of the places visited by visitors. So, do not be surprised if its sales have also increased thanks to its participation in the event.

All about Piaggio Medley ABS

In this last session, will discuss the specifications carried by this Piaggio Medley ABS. Starting from the exterior that the ABS Piaggio Medley relies on a premium European design style. The design is visible starting from the front of the body, the side up to the stern which shows an elegant impression. The elegant concept that is carried by him alone will explain how much the price of the Piaggio Medley ABS will be carried on the market. Moreover, when stepping on the engine, Piaggio Medley ABS carries the SOHC i-get engine which is equipped with a start & stop system with a capacity of 155.1 cc and will be combined with an automatic CVT transmission system. The combination will produce a maximum thrust of up to 11 kW / 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.4 Nm / 6,400 rpm. The Piaggio Medley ABS is already equipped with interesting features, such as a USB jack that can be used to charge smartphones, spacious luggage, and a complete hydraulic braking system with dual-channel ABS