Vintage designs are making their way back into the homes of just about everyone. Just by their finished look, it’s easy to see why everyone is flocking to this ever-popular design theme. Vintage kitchens are known for creating a homely, warm, nostalgic feeling for everyone who steps into them.

In essence, the things that heavily appeal to us when we spend more time at home is what more and more people are seeking from their kitchen. So, if a vintage themed kitchen is something you’re after, then there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. However, it should be noted that these are works of art and can’t always be replicated.

If you’re thinking about something from 1975, then you’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure that convenience and functionality are maintained. This particular style works wonders when various eras are placed side by side. In essence, the entire concept becomes even more balanced. Hence, either retro or rustic work best. So, read on as we dive into everything you need to know.

Rustic Kitchen

If you didn’t already know, rustic designs aim to cover a rather wide range of design options. These can be anything from a French farmhouse to an English cottage. While the finished aesthetic is noticeably different, they still share a ton of common features. So, if you’re looking for that rustic look, then these important features are needed.

Key Features

Rustic kitchen styles tend to have their own visibility element. These include stone worktops and open shelving that go hand in hand to achieve the desired look. Even glazed cabinets are an exceptional addition that makes it easier to display precious items safely without them being covered in dust. Both details and layers are generally used as an underlying concept and special attention should be paid to the texture on your worktops, and the details in the cabinets.


If you’ve ever set foot in a farmhouse kitchen, you’ll know just how open and large these spaces are. The table is known for giving way to the island which brings convenience and some form of storage. If you want to give your island that special olden feel, you’ll need to add some seating.

In smaller spaces, you’ll need a cosier layout that creates the image of a higher room. Most if not all spaces benefit from this and provide a continually evolving feeling.


To create that amazing rustic look, you’ll need to add soft furnishings. This gives the space a sense of feeling as though it was lived in and natural materials like granite and wood add that perfect touch. Those materials result in pure elegance and offer beautiful wooden furnishings. With this combination, the textures make the perfect rustic kitchen.


To create the ultimate rustic concept, you’ll need muted natural colours. If you were thinking of going pastel, you’ll need to reconsider since these give your space a rather whimsical appearance. To dive deeper into the rustic appearance, you’ll also need to mesh the worktop and the flooring colours for the best effect. Hence, pale wooden floorboards and white/grey granite or even beige marble tops are perfect.


For the aesthetics to mesh, they need special details. So, you should take as much time as you need to gather the best vintage items. If you’ve never thought of displaying crockery, then now is the time to start. Jugs, baskets, trays and even various storage solutions are a great combination; displaying the functionality gives your space an even more rustic appearance.


When selecting your utilities, it’s always a good idea to give special consideration to those that you want to be displayed and those that you want hidden. A neat butler’s sink with either brass or ceramic finishes makes the ultimate impression of rustic functionality. As such, it’s a good idea to keep the fridge freezer, microwave and those smart speakers hidden.

Retro Kitchen

If you have a special love for 60’s pop art, then you’ll love a retro-styled kitchen. Even some art decor from the ’20s will make a great combination. So, if you’re interested in a retro-themed style, then both of these can be included. However, it should be noted that retro-styled themed kitchens also involve statement features and clear clean lines.

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