You have decided you want to start an internet based business or you may have started it but gave up on the idea. You may know someone you tried online but despite all their best efforts or yours into making your business a success, you did not succeed in making it. The following highlights some of the reasons why internet based business owners did not make it online.
Someone Just give me a Good Idea
People think ideas are difficult to come up with and if they have not found the solution to world hunger, then it is not a good idea. Most people tend to over think the process. Ideas are around you along as you can perceive them. Basically, people want their problems solved. If your idea can solve that problem no matter how simple the solution is, you should be successful. Jot down ideas as they come to you, think about things you do, books you read, experiences you have, programmes you watch or information you have researched and or speak to family and friends.
I am terrible at using computers
Most people believe you have to be a computer whiz kid to have an online business, example; being able to set up a website. If you had to set up a website then you could either pay someone or do it yourself. There is so much information on the internet such as e-books, video tutorials etc to help with this. Another issue is, what if something goes wrong then I would not know what to do, again you can help yourself by asking in a forum or searching the internet because if you have the problem somebody else has it as well. Speak to family and friends, you would be surprised as to the number of people who know about computers or know someone who does.
I cannot set up a website
You do not need to set up a website. There are so many different types of online businesses that do not require a website. Example, to name a few, blogs, email marketing and or affiliate marketing. You can buy ready made websites or hire someone to create one for you.
I cannot write – I hate writing
Writing articles in general can be quite frightening especially to put them on the internet. However, you do not need to be William Shakespeare. Why not start by making a list of tips/ headings and then expand each point by adding a paragraph so as to explain your point to the reader. Remember always start with an introduction, main and a close. Another way is to jot down an outline of ideas and then expand on them.
I do not have my own email lists
Again, there are different types of businesses that do not require emails lists. Example affiliate marketing does not require an email lists to get started or does selling a product or service. If you are doing a business that requires an email list, then why not go ahead and do this. You have to start somewhere therefore why not build your own. It will take time to do it yourself or if you have the money rent an email lists. With email lists you have to careful not to obtain subscribers information illegally. This is known as spamming. If you decide to create your own email lists – you will need an opt-in form on your home page, you can get family and friends to sign up to your website to start. If you write articles put a link in your article so people can sign up to your website. Ask friends to send your website to their friends. Provide an incentive for visitors who visit your website to give you their email details.
I cannot make money on the Internet
There are a lot of scams out there. Programs that promise you, you will be instantly rich overnight are not quite genuine. Research, research, research until you find a business that suits you. Start small and once you have achieved success repeat the process. You must be willing to work hard work for it.
If you are thinking about starting an internet based business or failed in the past to succeed on the internet, the above will help you to overcome this issue.