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What Can Kill Your Business Idea and How to Avoid It

Probably most of us think of starting our own business at some point in our lives but there are only some who actually manage to take the bull by the horns. Interestingly when you start thinking about starting your own business, you find as many reasons striking your mind NOT to take that bold action as many push you to do so.
One of the nightmares in that situation is the risk that you think you will have to take if you want to go about doing your own business. It suddenly begins to feel very difficult – almost impossible. You don’t want to change things; you want to leave them as they are. But remember if you have a business idea and you want to pursue it, you should before you have second thoughts coming to your mind. Remember to listen to what your heart says – follow your …


How To Avoid Pitching Your MLM and Get Recruits By Inviting

Aren’t you getting sick of pitching your business to people and trying to figure out what to say that will get them to join? Should you explain the compensation plan, or the different achievement levels, or the conventions? I know I got sick of it!
The good news is that you don’t have to be a salesman… EVER! In fact, you SHOULD NEVER be a salesman when you are presenting your business! Good news, right? It just got easier for you to sell your business and you’ll spend less time with prospects.
So how do you do this? Um, it’s about as easy as it sounds. You need to be an inviter, not a pitchy salesman. You need to have one presentation about your business that you can completely rely on, one that explains everything your prospect needs to know.
Then, when you have anyone who is interested in your …