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Leisure And Tourism Degrees

This study is the first to research the connection between the leisure and tourism activities of latest migrants in a transnational social field. Overseas Chinese residing in North America were surveyed to compare transnational leisure participation and travel behavior across 5 migrant generations, and study the effects of transnational leisure on travel habits and intention. A U-shaped pattern was found in respondents’ media-based and event-based transnational leisure, frequency of travel, and intention to visit China, with the second technology being the bottom. Media-based leisure influenced the first and 1.5-generations’ number of homeland trips whereas event-based leisure influenced that of the second, third, and fourth-plus generations. Overall, there is a optimistic relationship between transnational leisure and diaspora tourism, and different types of transnational leisure have varying effects on the travel habits and intention of different generations. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates a four.5 per cent per annum improve in …