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Home Business Idea – A Three Phase Approach

Starting a home based business can be a difficult and confusing process…
But, things get a lot easier when you have a roadmap or plan to follow.
As you know: “Those who fail to plan – Plan to fail…”
Home Business Ideas are abundant on the internet, but how many of them will really work for the average home business owner?
Here is the three-phase approach that I have employed for my home based business. You should find it to be simple, logical, and easy to follow:
Phase 1: Affiliate Marketing…
I always recommend new online marketers to start out with Affiliate Marketing for several main reasons:
1. Quick to get started and see results
2. Very inexpensive to set up
3. Many ways to automate and to scale up
4. Great way to learn the various skills required for online marketing
Phase 2: Internet Marketing…
Once you have mastered …


Small Business Tips: How to Outlast the Start-Up Phase

There is nothing like owning your own company. Many people have good ideas that turn into a business. However, a challenge that they commonly face is they do not know what to do to make it through the start-up phase. This article describes three tips to help you start and move your company beyond the launch.
Do your research. When you are planning to open a company there are many questions that you will need to answer. If you are new to business development then it will help to start the process with a business plan. Each section helps you focus on mapping out your vision. As you work on the plan consider elements that will help you build a solid foundation. Include everything from the type of offerings you will provide, the team that you will need to assist you, and the resources or materials that go into creating …