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BYOB – That’s Not Bring Your Own Bottle

It seems that everyone toys occasionally with the idea of being their own boss. There are certain allures to this idea.

Setting Your own Hours
Working on the things that interest you.
Work at Home
No Rush Hour Traffic
Making the Wage you Deserve
Control of your life, when you take vacation, what hours you work
Not being chewed out by the boss.
But there are also many aspects that keep people from realizing their dream of their own business.

What Idea for their business
Start up capital
Finding clients
Legal issues, contracts
Taking that first step
While the appeal is certainly great to have a home business, how do people get past the detractors?
The important thing is to have a solid, well thought out plan.
Step 1: Establish and write down why you want to be in business for yourself. Do you want more time for your …