Maybe for some people who rarely engaged with the IT world do not recognize this term, even though the firewall is quite popular. A firewall is a computer security network system that certainly has a primary function protecting a computer from several attacks from other computers. besides, the notion of a firewall also refers to devices that function to control the access of the private network to anyone who does not have access. Large companies currently use the intranet network in managing the data. This is inseparable from internet access.

Therefore, to protect the company’s digital assets and data from being attacked by hackers, espionage and other data thieves, firewalls are the most important thing to protect them. To a Firewall to function as the security of data so it must be activated via the internet. This device functions as a security device that will be passed between the external network and also the internal network. If you want to secure your data, CCNA can help you, visit its website at

Besides protecting the computer from anyone who does not have access, a firewall also has several other benefits, including:

1. A firewall functions as a system that regulates communication between two different networks.

2. Firewalls are useful in safeguarding confidential and valuable data and information that sneak into the internal network unnoticed. Example: in an organization or company, FTP (file transfer protocol) Internet network traffic will be controlled by a firewall to prevent the use of the network to send confidential files intentionally or not by other parties.

3. The existence of a firewall can prevent unauthorized access to the private network. This system can be implemented in software or hardware or even a combination of both.

4. Firewalls can protect and prevent virus-based computers and other harmful things that have the potential to damage, tapping, and even taking sides of our computers.

5. This firewall will help supervise every message that comes in and blocks if the connection is not compatible with the security criteria of a network.

6. The firewall system will authorize the traffic of the computer network that safe to pass through so that if there is a network that is considered unsecured it won’t be entered.

7. This firewall device will regulate, filter, and control all data that goes through the network. This function prevents users from sharing files and playing with networks. These applications will be very useful especially in a corporation or organization.

8. Firewalls can prevent unauthorized data modification on the website. Example: in a business data accuracy is very important in the financial, product specifications, product prices, etc. so that the data cannot be changed by the external sources because it will harm a company.

9. Firewalls ensure system availability. If the system is not available for the user in real-time, it can decrease the productivity of employees, loss of consumers’ trust, and others.