The most recent and most acceptable and proven new business concept is Direct Marketing or Direct Sales. The competition has grown and also the internet has made it so easy to reach the customers anywhere and everywhere.
You think of any product and it is possible to order it and get it on your doorsteps. Neither the customer nor the seller needs to be physically present to execute the trade. This is the power of the internet. But the biggest change that we have seen in last decade is the change in the income and purchasing power of the customers. Products are easily available to the customer but because the purchasing power of customer has decreased, it has become insignificant whether the product is available at a click of a mouse or not.
The only thing that works is approaching the customer and making him realize how much he needs the product. And this is only possible through direct marketing, through meeting the customer face to face and convincing him about the benefits of your product. Product here refers not only to the physical products but also financial products, consulting work, tuitions etc. Any product or service you can think off, can be sold using the direct channel. This gives the customers a sense of reliability in this era of flooding marketing options like the internet.
The best thing about starting a business like this is that you can work from home during your flexible working hours. This gives you a freedom not only to choose your desired working hours and way of working but also give you freedom to do multiple businesses at a time. Network marketing is the most flourishing business in today’s economy.
The concept of network marketing has given rise to innumerable business ideas that can be accommodated in this skeleton of network marketing. The bottom line in today’s world is that nothing can be sold if it does not have a personal touch. Customers want products that are customized for them and nothing except direct marketing/selling can make it possible. Customer wants to be pampered and wants products that specifically suit his requirements. He has innumerable options to buy his desired product from the market but he would always prefer to get the product at his doorsteps with all the desired specifications.
So the in business idea in today’s economy is Direct Sales/Marketing or Network Marketing.