Facebook fan pages are incredibly powerful – they make or break your presence on social media, so here are five useful tips to ensuring that Facebook page really pops.
1. Reprint Blog Posts – This is so easy, there’s no reason not to do it. There are WordPress plugins and Facebook Apps that will take the RSS feed from your blog and slap it on your page as Notes. These notes will show up on your Fan Page and in the News Feed, giving you double exposure. I do it with these blog posts (you might even be reading this on Facebook) – so give it a shot.
2. Create Discussions – Discussions are fantastic. You can talk about nearly anything, or you can use the forum to give away info, something I am always excited to find. There’s nothing better than a forum full of free info to pick and choose from.
3. Videos and Links Ahoy! – Use some of the fun tools the Internet has to offer. The other day, I saw a pile of links on a Fan Page that had pretty much nothing to do with the particular purpose of the page (it was for a local musician), but they were fantastic, and while it wasn’t her music, the look and feel of the videos was all her.
4. Free Stuff – Free stuff sells. And it sells doubly well when you’re not trying to sell anything. If you haven’t done so yet, find a way to give away freebies, or post some links to freebies on your Fan Page.
5. What Else You Got? – I like creativity, and I know you all do too (I’ve read some of your comments and websites). Open up those big, rapid-firing brains of yours and put them to good use in as many ways as you possibly can. You’ll thank yourself for it eventually.
Now, I don’t actually have my own fan page. Not everyone really needs one. Some of us are perfectly happy using our personal profiles as a gateway to our marketing personas – we are the brand after all. But, some of you aren’t so lucky (or you really just don’t like using your real name – perfectly understandable).
But, I do notice what I am interested in when I join a fan page, what captures my attention and what doesn’t. So, if you’re planning on slapping together a hub for all your marketing buddies – make sure you give them a good reason to sign up. Otherwise, they might just ask you ‘what’s the point?’