Traveling long distances on a motorcycle is both challenging and fun. To maintain motor health, you have to pay special attention after traveling. Many motor components need to be inspected and re-stellated to recover their health. In caring for the motorbike, you can visit the Honda motorbike, Honda Wheels. They are dealers who serve motorcycle repair with professional staff.

Here are simple tips on caring for a motorcycle after a long-distance trip:

1. Change Oil

As a good rider, you should replace vehicle lubricants after traveling a distance of 2,000 km. The lubricating power of oil will reduce if you ride it in long distance.

Oil changes are essential after we travel. Also, if you ride motorcycles every day, you have to check the oil regularly

2. Clean the Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter after a long trip is what you need to do. Dirty air filter conditions will make the motor powerless and wasteful of fuel.

By cleaning the air filter after a long journey on the dirty and dusty road, your motorcycle would return to normal.

3. Check Brakes

Brake checking is crucial. High braking intensity when touring makes the brakes wear out quickly. If the canvas is thin, immediately replace it with a new one. If it’s still good, you only need to clean it up.

4. Check the Chain

This component is a distributor of engine power to the wheels. Don’t wait for the chain gear to break. If you feel it’s unsafe, immediately replace it with a new one. If it’s still good, clean it with diesel fuel, then apply new lubricants.

5. Spark Plug Conditions

Check regularly the condition of the spark plugs, even though the inspection of spark plugs is recommended every 3,000 km. Check the motor spark plugs before and after touring. If it’s dirty, immediately clean it. Change your motorcycle spark plugs every 7,500 km.

6. Clean the Carburetor

Clean your motorcycle carburetor to maximize the supply of gasoline to the combustion chamber. A dirty carburetor problem can cause a severe problem on your journey.

Cleaning the carburetor is not easy. Please pay attention to the small components, don’t lose them. Remember, clean the carburetor using gasoline, not soap water.