This is one of the biggest questions for a person who is seeking to succeed in this industry. Rather it is total novice or MLM Superstar, it is a common concern. The difference between the two is that one asks from a perspective of what the company can do for them, while the other what they can do with the company. Let me explain. A novice, or new network marketer, has the belief that success is highly dependent on the company.
They hold in high regard how much money has been made and paid out, how many years it has been in business, how many millionaires does it have, the experience of the management team, etc. Although these are very important factors to look into they are not the most important factors. Let’s take a look at the other group, the MLM superstars. They also want to know what company is the best company out there.
However, their judgment and analysis is based off something more than just the company. They want to know what they can accomplish with the company. They calculate the benefits of joining the company considering pros and cons, and they seek to see what can be gained. They know what they have to bring to the table.
MLM Superstars, also know as the “big money earners,” move their entire team to companies that fit their needs. It can be the up front bonuses, better residual percentages, lavish incentive programs, or the opportunity to be with a ground floor company. Whatever it is, they do their personal research and plan a strategy in advance. Here is the catch… There is no one great company.
There are several great companies. Here is the proof. Look at ever successful, profitable network marketing company. They all have thousands of distributors, they all have big money earners, and they all have huge teams come and go throughout their business life. Every company has the most lucrative compensation plan, the best incentives, a revolutionary product or service, the most experienced management, etc.
In addition to that all of them have massive groups of crazed distributors praising and swearing that their company is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Where do you come in? Like the successful distributors you are going to have to find what fits best for you. It may be wellness, technology, weight loss, insurance, legal, and the list goes on.
Regardless of what you choose, if you are going to succeed you are going to have to master two things: personal branding and marketing. Without these two things you are just another voice in the crowd. You can be with the greatest company to ever be invented, be there day one, and have a product no man has ever heard of before, and still fail miserably. Trust me it happens ever single day.
It is imperative that you grasp those two things. It is a waste of your time and money if you do not. You are going to have to invest in yourself to gain knowledge, just as the big money earners do. The key is to learn it early, and become profitable as fast as possible. Once you master branding yourself and understand true marketing, any company that you join would be the best company.