With everything available and accessible from the Internet, it’s not hard to believe that it’s now come to our heating systems. With a smart heating control system, you get the same accessibility you have with a TV remote from your mobile device. However, there are a lot to choose from.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the best heating control systems that you can choose from today:

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

This is one of the best selling for a good reason. It offers some of the most advanced connectivity options and it comes with a lot of features that make it such a compelling offering for technological enthusiasts. It’s no wonder it’s already accumulated nearly 2,000 reviews online. With a modern design, it will look great on your wall. It is easily one of the best looking available and it comes with all of the connectivity that you could ask for and it is compatible with both Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa ecosystems.

This thermostat can be controlled through an app or directly from the unit. It is also capable of offering you control of the water in your home. While the individual thermostat controls aren’t offered as a standard with the unit, you can purchase separate TRV’s and outfit them to individual radiators to gain temperature controls over different zones in your home.

For those who are very interested in smart home technology, you can build out a complete connected home with Google Nest. This smart system can control everything from your entertainment devices to your streaming devices and even your lights and security cameras.

The total cost sits at around £250.

Hive Active Heating 2

Hive isn’t necessarily limited to being a smart heating system. It’s much more. Like Google Nest, it can be synced with a range of other connected devices including your security cameras, smart lighting, and more. While it’s not a self-learning system, it is very easy to control and it has its app. You have to use the app or the website if you want to control your system. Unfortunately, it cannot be manually controlled.

This one offers excellent connectivity that also includes Geofencing. Because of this, you can have your system turn down the heat when you leave your home and have it turn on when you are getting close to it. This can end up saving you money. While it doesn’t come with TRV’s, you can purchase them on your own and turn the system into one that is capable of handling multi-zones.

While it’s owned by British Gas, you can use it no matter who your supplier is.

The total cost sits at around £250.

Tado Smart Thermostat V3

This one is relatively new. However, it offers a lot of what you would be looking for as someone looking for more control. It comes with a lot of unique features including the ability to adjust things directly and remotely, detect open windows, and use Geofencing. It also has an energy-saving calculator built-in. This one comes with smart radiator thermostats that you will be able to use to control the temperature in every room of your house. This will ensure that you can get heat delivered to the rooms where you need it and not to areas you don’t.

The ability to fine-tune its control with precision detection sets it apart from the rest of the options. You can use location features that will follow you throughout your home to ensure that you are getting heat delivered to precisely where you need it. To take advantage of these precision controls, you will need to pay for a subscription offered by the company.

The total cost sits at around £200.

Google Nest Thermostat E

While this offering by Google isn’t nearly as stylish looking as the Nest Learning Thermostat, it does happen to be a competitive offering. For one, it is much easier to get installed than the Nest Learning Thermostat because it doesn’t have to be hooked up to the boiler. Therefore, you only have to replace your existing one with it.

While it does give you the ability to adjust and control the temperature of your home, it’s not going to offer the advanced functionality that you would get with other thermostats. Unfortunately, in the UK it’s not priced low enough to counter the lack of features it comes with. The rival thermostats in its price range offer superior features and control options. That being said, it does offer a quick install and it is easy to use. Therefore, it could be worth considering.

The total cost sits at around £200.

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