Collectors of antique have various motivations to spend their limited monies to purchase items that are many years old.

It looks odd to buy antiques and collectables that will spend a lot of time sitting and displayed in a glazed casing from the look of it.

However, antique specialists such as Serendipity have a different opinion; there is always some rationality in a collector’s quest to purchase a particular item.

How Old is the Item?

Age is a solid defining factor that significantly influences the value of a given antique. People are drawn to purchase antiques under the unique fascination they are collecting an antique that has been in existence longer than them. Besides, owning an old item is an excellent way to connect and relate historical times of interest to a collector.

The early porcelain ewer is an example of an item sought after for its age. Back in the 15th century, China was the only country exporting porcelain to Europe and other regions. Since China made it in the 1400s, collectors have continually sought after porcelain pieces. Porcelain made during the 1400s is considered one of the earliest porcelain pieces brought to the European continent.

An object’s craftsmanship also influences an individual to purchase or collect an antique. It is noteworthy that many inventions were hand-made before the age of the industrial revolution. Many collectors are intrigued that many years back, someone dedicated time to create an item that is still surviving without any machinery.

People also rely on an item’s craftsmanship to define and study historical periods and cultural habits. Methods of creation change with time, influencing antiques’ value based on their historical period of creation. For instance, an ewer from the 15th-century is more valuable than an ewer from the 17th-century because it was generally more rigid for humankind to make porcelain in the 1400s.

To Generate Income

A married couple, Ruth Shearn and Rick Blears from Cheshire, England, and an excellent example of people making money by collecting and selling Art Deco antiques. At times, Ruth and Rick may incur much money in acquiring an antique/antique piece but do not much money to restore an item before selling it for a profit.

For instance, in 2013, the couple purchased a terracotta figurine on eBay for about £26. It was a Cortendorf terracotta figurine – a brand with an innate value that the preceding owner perhaps did not know about. They restored the statue, which is currently worth almost £800.

Rick and Ruth decided that all the money they made from selling antiques would be diverted to meet the needs of their daughter when they are no longer alive.

Preservation of Memories

It does not matter the type of object/item to purchase/collect, all that is needed is a personal touch to draw good memories from the collector.

The collection of antique spoons belonging to your grandmother will not directly make part of your travel souvenirs. Nonetheless, what matters most is that when she lived, she found value in collecting antique spoons. On such a basis, one can be inspired to continue collecting antique spoons in honour of her life and life memories.

Who Was the Former Owner?

In modern times, we do not put on dead people’s hair anymore to draw a connection with their past life. However, most people are still buying antiques previously belonging to exceptional individuals to generate a feeling of being connected to someone.

For instance, in 1960, David Rockefeller purchased a Mark Rothko’s painting called the White Centre for below £8000. By 2007 when Rockefeller wanted to sell the White Centre painting in an auction, its value had risen to £31 million.

The Delight of Finding Something New

Among other reasons, people purchase antiques as a form of enjoyment because it is fun. The thrill comes in when someone visits an antique store without a clear expectation of what they will find.

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