Popularity of vinyl banners among marketers is increasing each day. The increase in popularity of the vinyl banners is because of its durability and affordable pricing. With the rapid advancement of technology, anything ranging from colorful text to real life pictures could be printed in these vinyl banners. Catchy vinyl banners produced by savy marketers are widely used in tradeshows, Exhibitions, product launches and so on. Though the maintenance of these vinyl banners is pretty simple, there are a few factors that have to be taken into account to make vinyl banner care much easier and effective. Just keep reading on the article to know the 3 great tips for vinyl banner care.

1. Effective cleaning

It is a well known fact that the vinyl banners are highly durable stuff. The high quality vinyl banners, used in outdoor campaigns can last as long as one year without any damage. However, the outdoor conditions will make the vinyl banner loose its glory even just after a couple of days. Hence effective cleaning is essential to bring back the vinyl banner to life. The material (vinyl) used in these banners is washable and hence cleaning a vinyl banner is very simple. All you have to do is to wipe the vinyl banner with a soft cloth soaked in water. For effective cleaning, some mild detergent or soap can be used in the water used for cleaning. There is a misconception among people that the mild detergent will fade the printing. The high quality printing used in the vinyl banners is resistant to the effect of the mild detergents (Note: Harsh detergents can damage the vinyl banners).

2. Proper Storage

As already said, the vinyl banners have high durability and hence they are widely used in promotional campaigns with a long time period. Hence proper storage of these vinyl banners is necessary for future use of the same. When it comes to storage of the vinyl banners, the most important aspect to be noted is not to fold them. Folding the vinyl banners will make the vinyl banners to have permanent creases. It?s always good to roll the vinyl banner instead of folding them. While rolling the vinyl banners, you must make sure that the printings are faced outside. Another important thing to be noted while storing the vinyl banners is not to store them in very dark places. Storing the vinyl banners in very dark places will make the banners loose their shiny appearance.

3. Removing Creases from the Banner Sign

When reusing the banner, you will find some creases in them due to the storage conditions. Removing the creases from the vinyl banners is very simple. The equipments you need for removing the creases are a clothing iron and a wet cotton cloth. Just place the vinyl banner in a flat surface, and place the wet cotton cloth over it. Once this is done, iron the wet cotton cloth placed over the banner. The steam produced during this process will eliminate the creases in the banner. Proper care should be taken that the cloth iron doesn?t make any direct contact with the banner which will result in permanent damage of the same.

All these three tips will make vinyl banner care much easier than ever before.