Although it may look relatively simple, the truth is, learning how to write SEO optimized content is not a walk in the park. Of course, if you don’t have the time to do that, you can always opt for monthly SEO packages instead.

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that the majority of SEO friendly strategy may seem a little confusing, mainly because of the lack of familiarity in terms of how search engine ranking factors work. Even SEO tweaks are hard to deal with, especially if there’s a lack of context and relevance.

If you really want to ensure positive results, then you have to create high-quality content, and this means finding a target keyword, or long-tail keyword for you to utilize.

Here are the 3 SEO copywriting tips to dominate SERPs.

1. Make Your Subheadings a Little More Interesting

Any SEO expert would tell you how important it is to pay attention to your subheadings for several reasons. For one, they could make your article more readable. Though, aside from that, it also has several advantages. One of which is that annoying and dull subheadings are not that ideal enough.

They often make readers click on the back page or leave the site right away– it doesn’t matter how informative your website is, this wouldn’t change a thing. That’s why you have to ensure that your subheadings are something that would quickly grab your reader’s attention.

Give them the encouragement that your content is very compelling to read, and that can be done by adding statistics or benefits that they could get from you. Without a doubt, it would get their attention.

2. Catchy Headlines to Capture Your Reader’s Attention

You’re probably familiar with Buzzfeed and ViralNova. What can you say about them? Well, if you’re a content marketer, you probably hate these sites, but believe it or not, you better check their headlines.

The headlines these websites create are known for building a sense of curiosity among its readers, and these readers get very much engaged in the contents they’re reading. In simpler terms, it gets their attention. This should be your aim– to grab their attention and generate more clicks.

3. Come Up With a Very Engaging Introduction That Would Leave Your Readers Wanting More

Your headlines could either make or break you. Based on statistics, about 80{b8f30d0ee909712fe9597752b7a07f5750d7323fe3bb2addfb3ec246380dcb08} of people will read your headline. However, only 20{b8f30d0ee909712fe9597752b7a07f5750d7323fe3bb2addfb3ec246380dcb08} of them would proceed to read your content. That means if your headline has done its job in capturing your audience interest, then there’s no doubt that they would love to read the whole article.

Aside from the headlines, you ought to know that the introduction to the article is equally important, and that means you have to ensure that it’s engaging enough for them to stay longer. If the presentation is vague, unclear, and poorly written, then you’ll definitely be losing a lot.

On the other hand, if you start your article with a very engaging introduction, then you have nothing to worry about.