Human life has over the years evolved in an attempt to improve how we conduct business, how we live and how we interact with other people. With the advent of mobile phone technology and expansion of the internet of things, there has been a lot of information exchanged all over the world which has impacted changes in behaviour patterns and consumer tastes and preferences. Mobile applications have been used as one of the main platforms for relaying communication for trade or other interests.

Use of mobile application has influenced our lives in the following ways.

Increased Speed of Doing Business

Many businesses have developed mobile applications where potential customers can make an order to purchase merchandise or a service. For the benefit of these businesses, mobile applications can be customised to support a specific system of industry operation and to enhance customer experience according to the needs of a business. In e-commerce, for instance, a buyer of a good can be able to keep track of the delivery of the good from the supplier to the pick-up point using Google Maps.

When an order for a good or service is made by a customer, information is relayed instantaneously to the seller and this improves the efficiency of doing business. Perhaps taking a look at Apps In The Sky will give you a better idea of how using a mobile application can enhance your self marketing.

Used as a Health and Fitness Monitoring Tool

My Health mobile application is always quick to commend me each day when I manage to make 10,000 steps in my daily routine. With mobile applications, it is easy for a runner to keep track of the distance covered and the speed at which they have run. A lot of health mobile applications have reduced the number of routine visits to the nutritionist or the health centre now that patients can communicate directly and instantaneously with these professionals and get the necessary advice.

Many applications allow for video calling/video conferencing and consultation with the doctor becomes seamless and does not involve physical movement.

Improved Travelling and Supplementing Mainstream Transportation System:
Use of taxi-hailing applications has simplified planning for trips in that the application has enabled us to book a taxi ride from the comfort of our houses. That way, you can sleep assured you will not require time to find a means of transportation on the morning of the day you intend to travel.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

It is not everyone who wants to visit the local store for everything they wish to purchase, sometimes we just want to stay at home and have someone deliver the items to our doorstep. Maybe you are hungry, and you do not want to go out to buy food, fortunately, many mobile applications connect restaurants and food vendors to individuals. One can order a meal of their preferred choice and from their favourite restaurant which will be delivered to them.

Mobile Applications as Part of Social Capital

It is difficult to keep in contact with everyone in our phone contact list by calling them or messaging them. Luckily, we can connect and share pictures and videos with old friends without necessarily having to make a call the old-fashioned way. Using a single mobile application, the user can connect, talk and exchange pictures with friends in different parts of the world.

Mobile Applications have Improved Navigation and Traffic Monitoring

There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in unfamiliar cities or getting caught in heavy traffic on a busy day because you could not have anticipated traffic flow. Mobile applications such as Google Maps show the location of houses, roads and pathways, water bodies etc. and can also be used by a motorist assess the volume of vehicular flow along a route.
The use of navigation mobile applications has made it easier for us to move around and has increased the speed of movement of goods and services.

Mobile Applications for Car Tracking using the GPS System

Many mobile applications have used GPS to allow car owners to track the movement of their vehicles.
Mobile applications have been used to monitor the movement of vehicles involved in long-haul cargo transportation, cars given out for hire or ambulances and fire-fighting trucks and invariably maintained security and safety standards.

Mobile Applications have Offered Alternative Banking Solutions

Many banks have adopted mobile applications to enable their customers make cash withdrawals to their mobile wallets, make payment for good bought and can even get account statement to monitor transactions.

Mobile Application used to Play Leisure Games

There are many games that have been developed in the form of mobile applications. Even the busiest of people requires a few minutes of leisure between working hours for increased worker productivity.

Games installed as mobile applications allow us to relax and unwind without having to leave the workplace.

Mobile Application can be used as a Library

There are many applications that have been used to access books, research papers and other study materials online. One can browse, select, read a book online using a mobile application. The Bible and the dictionary, for instance, can be accessed as a mobile application.

Mobile Applications used to Forecast Daily, Hourly Weather

It is possible to predict whether the day will be shinny or windy or hot by using a mobile application. That way, one will not appear inappropriately dressed because they thought it would rain in but it never rained.

Mobile applications have unfortunately been used as conduits for cyber crime and other immoral activities. Nonetheless and generally speaking, positive impacts of using mobile applications has outweighed the negative ones.