Small businesses are constantly looking for the best ways to keep customers engaged and coming back in a time when attention spans are shorter than ever, with more and more diversions and purchasing options trying to grab their focus. The most effective acquiring and retaining customers have started to return to physical promotions that can be held and frequently seen.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a tool that keeps customers coming back. Few things are more enticing than knowing a reward is out there and that their loyalty is appreciated. Loyalty cards are often kept for products or services that a customer uses or enjoys frequently. Most importantly, they are kept in spots where they are commonly viewed.

How to Market Loyalty Programs

One of the most inexpensive ways to market a loyalty program is through a laminated postcard. Using direct mail, a laminated postcard can be a great way to identify your best customers and offer a reward that keeps them coming back. The cards can use bar codes or magnetic strips to keep track of the customer and a reason for them to keep the card in their wallet.

These loyalty cards can be handed out and activated in-store other than direct mail. If tied to putting a customer name and address in a loyalty card system, there can be no better way to collect information on who your best customers are and know who to target in the future.

Loyalty programs are where it’s at. Many might discount them, but they are practical and keep customers returning. Most importantly, they are easy and inexpensive to initiate. People love rewards in any form, and they keep them coming back with something great out there yet to be received.