Sometimes you do not feel the need to leave your home when having a children’s party. You love your house and you do not want to spend too much money on other people, while you could create a wonderful birthday party at home for your child. Here are a few tips to do great things at home.

Great ideas for children’s birthday parties at home

Create a fantastic atmosphere

Music and balloons will give a nice touch to a birthday party. They are cheap and create atmosphere. And please do not forget fake candles or light strings. You can put them anywhere and this will make your living room cosy. In addition, you can buy a particular table cloth and matching cups and plates.


Kids are happy with any kind of food you give them, but the thing children will love the most, is if they can choose what to eat. Some kids can be a bit picky, which is why it is a good idea to have some kind of buffet. You can make pancakes and let them decorate their own food, or you can bake tiny pizza’s with pita bread. Put several ingredients on the table and let them make their own pizza. It is a guaranteed success!


There are numerous things you could do with your kids, when having their birthday party at home. Create a disco party, have a sleepover, create your own escape room, play highland games in a park near your house, create your own treasure hunt or do a lipsyncing show. You can also make a movie together or dress them up and let them do a fashion show. Or let them create a poster together. Another good idea is to hide the presents from the birthday kid, so that he or she can try to find it. The other children will have to give hints of course. What would your child love to do?

Nice mementos after the party

Make sure every child leaves your house with a nice memento. It is nice to give a personal gift, like a branded instant photo. A great way to do that, is to use a custom polaroid film. In other words, you take a picture with your polaroid camera and you place a printed frame over it. You can personalize this photoflyer, so that the kids will leave the party with a memory gift that will last for a lifetime. How cool is that?