Home Business Online Advertising – What’s the best way?
When people ask, I am hard pressed to give an answer. To me, there are 3 answers to this question. They all involve different risks and skill levels.
They are:
Pay Per Click: This is a rather complex way to advertise. It involves all those little ads you see sprinkled over most web pages, certainly they will be all over this page. The rules for this one are hard to understand and there are risks involved.
You don’t pay until someone clicks on your ad. Google charges according to different criteria. If you are clicked on often, if the landing page is a squeeze page, they’ll charge so much a click. If the quality of the landing page is not very good, they will charge more. There are various charges for different positions on the page as some locations are deemed better for attracting clicks.
There’s a lot more to pay per click than this, but this will give you an idea if you want to use this for your home online business idea. You can make good money if you are extremely careful and learn this business well. If you are a beginner, you are well advised to stay away.
Organically Generated Traffic: This traffic is free. It is left up to you how good a web site you build. The search engines send out digital spiders to crawl all over your site. They look for the quality of the content and even how long visitors stay on your site which is an indication of its desirability and so on.
SEO’d Article Marketing Traffic: This one is also free. You write articles on particular subjects, make sure they are search engine optimized and submit them to article directories. Being published by some like will greatly increase the chances that your article will be published and ranked highly by the engines.
Can you see where home business online advertising can be kind of scary? I hope you also picked upon the fact that some methods of advertising are free.