Most online stores focus on the most important times of the year when they can run promotional campaigns, but the calendar also offers other opportunities to help them maintain a high level of sales throughout the year.

Based on the most interesting reviews on, we will see what are the marketing strategies that will bring you more customers. One idea to make changes to your store would be to study how other larger companies operate. So don’t forget to see wealth management companies reviews and the strategies they use.

Make sure people find out about the store

In vain do you have the most attractive design and the best offers on the market if no one finds out about your campaign? If you already have campaigns running on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, add the mention of special campaigns dedicated to that period, such as now, the Easter holidays. The ad must contain data related to the running period of the campaign.

Send newsletters and SMS with personalized offers

Email is one of the best methods for easy conversions. Be sure to send them promotions with the products they might be interested in, taking into account their shopping and search history.

SMS to the customer database is an even more personal way to send offers. However, we recommend using this marketing method with caution.

Offers free delivery

Studies show that by offering them free shipping, people tend to buy more products. You can use a threshold, for example, 150 lei, and if the amount added to the basket reaches this threshold, the delivery becomes free. 60{8105bdfbc696b7a4a1c164cd41e5b51966417809f6f737109e488121369dae8f} of consumers prefer to buy more products to receive free shipping. Use the services of a serious courier.

And don’t forget to announce the deadline until orders with guaranteed delivery can be placed so that they arrive at the right time. Such a message denotes concern for the customer, but also induces urgency in the purchase decision.

As many payment methods as possible

Your online store should offer as many payment methods as possible from which the customer can choose the preferred one. Besides, already the classics, Ramburs and OP, as an online store you can’t afford to offer online card payment method, which is becoming more and more popular. Also, if the ordered product is to be given as a gift and will ship it directly to the person concerned, he will certainly pay before delivery with the card. Choose a payment processor.

Communicate effectively with your customers

If you have done all the above steps, success is guaranteed. But success also means crowds. More orders mean more customers who will have questions. In addition to the classic Live Chat on the site, it also adds other communication channels such as Facebook Messenger and/or WhatsApp. Customers will appreciate the openness and availability.

Communication and openness also mean anticipating and mentioning the (legal) right of return. Amazingly or not, this aspect increases the conversion rate significantly. For ease in handling less pleasant situations, use return forms to manage complaints.