Nobody wants to think about death before it occurs, and we are reluctant to talk about it even once it does. It is understandable that when somebody close to us loses a loved one our thoughts turn to our fond memories of the deceased, not to the mechanics of how to conduct the burial or cremation.

Nevertheless the Family Funeral Services is an integral component of almost every bereavement process, and at some point sooner or later somebody will need to speak to somebody about how to set about making it happen.

For many people one of the most difficult parts of the whole process is being able to afford to pay the basic funeral expenses. If one has no financial means and the deceased was uninsured then the cost can be considerable, and the worry comes just at the time when one least needs it. Those who are able to turn to friends or family for a helping hand are very fortunate, but those others who are left facing a substantial bill often find themselves in a state of deep anxiety and concern.

Many of the services provided by undertakers are completely necessary, the costs of some indeed are statutory. However in many other cases some of the rituals and extras could be considered superfluous by those whose budget is severely restricted.

Then follows the inevitable sense of guilt that we are not doing our level best for somebody we dearly loved because we are in some way being mean about the send-off that we are giving them as they embark upon their last journey.

The solution has to be an affordable undertaker service that performs the essential work in a dignified and solemn manner without calling upon expensive extra services that even our dear departed one would not have wished us to commit our hard-earned resources to. A budget funeral service that combines economy with dignity, and prudence with respect.

Low cost funerals aren’t always, as one might think, a contradiction in terms. One company in Sydney, for instance, performs social funerals with a very clearly defined set of functions.

The object of the exercise is to provide an honest and dignified service minus the unnecessary frills but including all the essential aspects of a funeral service.