Having the right business ideas is not enough, one needs to have proper knowledge to market those business ideas as well. Even then with the proper knowledge and the right business ideas the program can still produce nothing if there is no commitment, dedication and hard work on the part of the promoters.
Many a times we have come across people selling the right business ideas, however, people buying into these programs are a disappointed lot because the team promoting the business ideas lacks the commitment to push their team through. It is important to have a team spirit and help the down-line get a footing in the business plan and begin making a profit before letting them go off on their own.
The best business ideas have had a dedicated team at the top that help their affiliate down-line along by placing people in their down line. Now these team leaders could have widened their tree by branching out sideways instead of placing new recruits in the down line of their down line. Inste3ad they chose to help their team along and place new affiliates under people in their down line. This helped their people make profits and recover their investment and instilled a sense of leadership in them too.
This is what good business ideas consist of. A great product or service, a good management, and a sense of team spirit. Even then if there was one bad link in the chain it could spell disaster for the entire tree. It is important for the management of a good business idea to train and lead their team along.
This training should include, firstly, a program where the affiliate will be made to understand completely the advantages of the product. Only if one likes the product personally will they be able to sell it. Then the affiliate should be taught the art of marketing the product through the various means such as article marketing directory posting and email marketing apart fro the additional paid options such as pay per click campaigns and ad words etc.
The down line of a good business idea should constantly be monitored by the higher hierarchy as soon as there is a bad link discovered the tree should be altered and newer more productive people placed under the more productive workers. With constant monitoring and mentoring a good business idea can begin to rake in the profits day after day. But again there has to be consistent labor and dedication to make it work.