Fixing things that need repair is the first step of taking care of your home. You can do this slowly moving from one section of the house to the next.

Doing this will help you get the job done within a short period. Moreover, you will also find it easy to take care of your home when you use such a method. No matter how busy you are throughout the week, you will only need a few hours and a couple of days to keep your house looking great. Keeping your house in tip top condition can be so motivating, you’ll want to start a big clear out afterwards! Take things to the charity shops or if you need to keep hold of them then look into container storage.

Below are things you might want to include on your checklist.

Maintaining Your Home Every Week

Tips for Home Maintenance

If you plan to take care of your home on a weekly basis, make sure that you take care of all the important features. This will make it easy for you to cover all the necessary task.

The best way to start is by mopping the floor or by making sure that you vacuum everything. Use a vacuum and a mop to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned.

Also, do not leave out the bathroom when cleaning surfaces. Take time to clean this section before moving to another area in your home.

Cleaning the bathroom might not be as easy as cleaning the rest of your home. That is because you need various appliances for not only cleaning the surface but also for removing trapped hair. Also, look for a reliable tool that you can use to clean the drains such as a zip-it tool. Furthermore, you can also use a clean piece of clothing to clean and rub appliances used in the bathroom.

Maintaining Your Home Every Month

For monthly maintenance, choose a specific day that you will spend time maintaining your home. Moreover, you need to make sure that everything is done within that single day.

Monthly duties include the following:

  • Clean the cooker hood and filter.
  • Clean or replace the furnace filter.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner filters.
  • Ensure the carbon monoxide/smoke detectors are in good condition ( install new batteries if necessary).
  • Polish baseboards, word furniture and light fixtures.
  • Check the fire extinguisher to make sure it is fully charged.
  • Inspect your house for potential issues such as damaged external walls, fallen roof tiles, overgrown trees and bird nests.

Identifying such issues at an early stage will help fix the issue before it gets worse.

Maintaining Your Home Every Year

You can also clean your home annually, by focusing on various tasks as discussed below.

  • Wash the outside windows.
  • Organise the cellar/loft/garage.
  • Improve your outdoor area by repairing or installing a fence, maintaining the driveway.
  • Clean the gutters, prune trees and remove shrubbery.
  • Clean the rooms and repaint the walls.
  • Replace curtains or rearrange the furniture.

These are some of the things you can do to maintain your home. Furthermore, doing any of these things will not only keep your house looking good but will also increase its value. Whether you choose to clean your home weekly, monthly or less often you can be sure to keep all sections of the house in good condition. Besides cleaning and fixing things, also make sure that you have enough storage solutions for the things you need and have a good clear out of the things that you don’t need.

When taking care of your home, make sure that you stick to one project before moving on to the next. By doing this, you will be able to accomplish a lot with a year as long as you do not do all things at the same time. Working on one project at a time helps prevent confusion and makes the maintenance work easy.

Maintain your home and get better results with the help of these tips.