Having an office far from home, plus traffic jams can be a problem for business people. A lot of time, energy, and costs are wasted because the commute is very tiring.

This is why many business people choose to work from home. Besides being more productive, working at home can also save the cost of renting office buildings that are now increasingly expensive.

For those of you who want to make the home as an office, make sure the home office design can accommodate many employees and can facilitate all work activities. The room should be as comfortable as possible for everyone. However, make sure you don’t lose the comfort of the original house.

Well, for those of you who want to design office space at home, here are tips that you can apply.

Free up one room for the office

Choose a room you rarely use. For example, a bedroom that is no longer in use is convertible into an office space.

Empty the room and move all your family’s belongings to another place. Leave the room devoted to work and no longer used for personal activities.

Then, you can start designing and managing office space freely. Prepare all work equipment, ranging from desks, chairs, cabinets, computers, and others.

Split Office Room from Other Room

Maybe the bedroom or family room is right next to the place you provide for the office. If there are no barriers, surely you or other residents of the house will feel no longer have privacy.

Therefore, you need to split the room. No need to build a wall, because it won’t be very easy in case someday you need to tear it down. However, it is enough to use partitions to divide the room.

You can split a non-permanent room by installing a rack or a large mirror. Try using the services of a professional interior designer from Express Fitouts to design an attractive room partition.

Put Office Area in a Different Floor from Your Private Area

You need a separator if the office space and private space are on the same floor. The problem is, non-permanent separators are sometimes not very effective at maintaining privacy.

Well, that’s the trick to designing an office at home to keep the family privacy. Try to apply it if you want to make your home as your company’s office.