Everywhere you look, brands are in your face. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, heck even James Patterson the author who can pump out ten books in a year is his own brand.
Branding is all about marketing yourself and your products and services. You represent your market. You represent what you do. Companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and banks like PNC all have a special brand. They speak for themselves and the products and services they offer. They promise and deliver in a style that’s viral.
Advertising your brand is what will make your brand stand out. Be creative and stick to your market. However, a brand will take you far into other markets, too. It is important to dedicate your products and services that everyone can use and enjoy.
Microsoft is a huge brand. They have created some of the most innovative technological products for businesses, governments, schools and several other conglomerates in different industries. Sometimes taking your brand to such a huge market can create controversy. Microsoft’s brand was seen as creating a monolopy of an industry. Some corporations cannot help it if they have such a huge market where they have millions of customers answering to their brand, thus fulfilling their needs.
Your brand will draw customers. Customers need to be pleased. Instant satisfaction. Sure you can go on and on about your concept of your business all day, but a customer wants to know right away, “Why should I buy this from you and will I like it? Is it worth it? Will I buy it again?”
Customers make the economy go round. It goes without saying that most businesses fail within the first five years of existence because they fail to plan. I believe businesses also fail to market their brand. Thus, the entire plan goes awry.
If you have a business idea or concept and have no idea how to get it off the ground, you should start with the basics. Create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business that will brand your business and draw in customers so your business can stay in business. No matter what business you are in and market you are aiming to target, you must have a call to action which is to have customers remember your brand.
Remember, your brand represents you. Your brand must promise and deliver what you offer. Create a slogan so people will always remember to buy from you in a particular market. Trademark your logo, be short with your slogans and register the slogan as a trademark, too. Spread the word! Do not try to overdo it, but create a business that will draw customers for the long haul.