Everyone is looking for inexpensive online advertising mediums. From Holly the CEO to Harry the Helper, no one is exempt. Even if your business is offline you need to establish a presence on the web. Uncover the many online marketing opportunities you can incorporate in your advertising campaigns.
People say all the time, “I have heard about article marketing but I am not sure what it does. How can article marketing benefit my small business?” This resource explains the 3 ways to Improve your Presence on the web using just (one) free online advertising tactic:
Article Marketing…
1) Increases exposure to your business via… your website. Most business owners have an impressive website, but what is the point of having a website if no one visits?! We have all been there, you created this high-tech website only to sit and twiddle your thumbs waiting for someone, anyone… to drop by. They begin to ask, how do I get people to my site?” Your website is the representation of your business online, and like any business you need to promote it in order to get attention.
Article Marketing is a very effective way to market your website. It is one of the most inexpensive yet powerful ways to get massive exposure to your business.
2) Builds the all important inbound links to your website. With each article that you submit, include a resource box. The resource box is where you will talk about your business, a little about yourself, and include a back link to your website or blog. That link placed in your resource box is extremely important! The inbound links will improve your search engine ranking, which will bring you even more traffic. Not to mention the SEO benefits, the back links also create increased opportunities. This means that every time someone sees your article is another chance that they will click the link, in your resource box, which leads back to your website… that should be your goal!
3) Establishes you as an expert in your niche. Seven times out of ten those looking for a service will preform a Google search.
If you have implemented article marketing, when they search your domain name a list of your articles will come up. At that point they will get a great idea of your expertise in your business. Without a doubt seeing your articles will build your customer’s confidence! This is another great reason why you want to be absolutely sure that your articles are of the highest quality and are written with your target market in mind.
When writing your articles, try not to preach. You are not trying to sell anything or convince readers to visit your website in your article. The way you induce the reader back to your website is by creating a helpful and informative article. Lastly, add a great resource box that inspires visitors to click!
So there you have it… this is one way small business owners use article marketing to increase their web presence, help boost their website’s rankings in the search engines, establish themselves as an expert in their niche, and also generate more targeted traffic to their website.
These 3 objectives are HUGE when it comes to establishing a web presence and drawing traffic to your website.
Decide to include internet advertising solutions and watch your business grow daily.