Marriage is a sacred moment, and this special moment does not have to be held in a luxurious building. Wedding parties can now be held at home, especially for couples who do not want to invite large numbers of guests, ie less than 100 people. This wedding party can be held, both outdoor, in the garden around the house, or indoors, which is inside the house itself. If you want to hold a wedding, you can rent a wedding tent only in absolute hire party, now absolute hire party offers wedding marquee hire Sydney at an affordable price.

What will be the subject of this time is indoor or indoor marriages held at home. Even with a little decorative touch, a wedding reception at home will leave a special impression, not least from a wedding reception in the building. But before setting up a house for a wedding, pay attention to the size of the house and the land around the house for guest parking. If the two aspects are met, now is the time to decorate every corner of the room with a wedding bouquet of flowers.

Arrange so that the room is quite roomy

Determine the room that will be used as the main room for organizing a wedding. Then, move large sized furniture that is not used in receptions, such as cabinets, drawers, shelves, display cabinets, lights, etc. Move temporarily to another room in the house that is not used to entertain guests.

No need to present a chair

The concept of a wedding party at home should be made in the form of a standing party, where each guest simply stands. Thus, the host does not need to provide a seat. However, there is nothing wrong with putting a few chairs, especially for parents and children.

fabric made from natural fibers

You could say, this fabric is very necessary and must be presented at the wedding. Natural fabrics with neutral or calm colors, such as pink, beige, pastel and white, are suitable for covering every corner of the room, from sofas, chairs, recliners, tables and benches. Covering large sized furniture using linen will help create an elegant background. In addition, this linen cloth will also protect furniture from food and drink spills.

Lighting for home-style weddings

If the party is held at night, of course lighting is needed for the wedding at home. The lighting chosen must support the nuances of the wedding party, which is able to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. For that, set the light to be low enough and soft. Also in some corners of the room, present candles and tea lights arranged in a certain pattern. You can also use candle holders to place these candles. Meanwhile, in the center of the room, it would be appropriate if you put a chandelier or crystal chandelier to impress an atmosphere that is not only romantic, but also elegant and high-class look.

If you prefer the impression of a simple party, use lighting with wood or rock holders. Meanwhile, if you prefer a modern feel to home wedding party decorations, it is recommended to use home appliances, including lighting, from stainless steel. Want a different and cheerful atmosphere? Bring lanterns or even a shimmering disco ball chandelier, which is a kind of disco lamp commonly found in bars, but with a gentle rhythm. These lights are suitable to be presented in a party room, especially if invited guests are young people.

Floor in the wedding room

Floors in the room that will be used as home-style wedding parties must be equipped with carpet. The existence of this carpet is quite absolute, especially for the area that will later become the footing of the bride during the wedding procession. The carpet that is usually chosen is a carpet with white or red. This carpet can be presented starting from the stairs, where the bride will come. Then along the left and right sides of this carpet, give decorative touches such as flowers and candles. We can also spread rose petals along the floor or carpet that the bride goes through to create a more romantic atmosphere.

Flowers for wedding receptions at home

Flowers are a decoration element that must be present at weddings at home. The chosen flower color can be soft colors, or bright colors and a little dark. Types of flowers such as roses and lilies are the types of flowers that are usually chosen. Roses are quite flexible to use in wedding moments, with a variety of colors that are presented.

After choosing the right flower, think about how to arrange and place it. You certainly need a flower vase to present this flower arrangement. These flower arrangements can be placed at the doorstep, near the dining table, near the fireplace, or at the wedding altar where the bride makes a marriage vow.

Arrange dishes on the edge of the room

The party is always synonymous with abundant food and drinks. In order not to interfere with the party, the buffet presents food and drinks perl